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Raku firing

rakuThe word raku means 'luck by chance' and is a Japanese way of firing. The special thing about this method of firing is that the ceramic is taken out of the kiln with pliers and while still red-hot (+/- 1000 degrees) and placed in sawdust. The sawdust will burn due to the heat of the work. This removes oxygen from the clay and glaze. Unglazed parts turn black and through so-called 'reduction' you can get special glaze effects. Due to the rapid cooling, the ceramic also cracks very nicely.

rakuThe workshop consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours in which we make work and 1 day in which we start firing the work. The firing is done at Patty Schilder in Amsterdam. Transport is not included. Advanced students can work in techniques of their choice. Turning is also suitable. Beginners are taught basic techniques. We also discuss suitable decoration methods and glazes, which give the best results with raku.

Level:No special knowledge or experience is required.

3x Wednesday 9:30-11:30 ór
3x Wednesday 19:30-21:30
production days: 18,25 May, 1 June
firing days Friday 10 June ór Sunday 12 June

Costs: The workshop costs € 210,- per person with a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 participants. The price includes material, glaze and firing at Patty Schilder's. Transportation to the firing in Amsterdam not included.

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Coiled Pots

terra sigillataAll around the world, the building pots with clay coils has been a tradition for thousands of years. In this course we will look at this tradition and build our own large coiled pot. The finish is not done with glaze, but with 'Terra sigillata', literally 'sealed earth'. This is a very fine, colored sludge that makes the pot watertight and shiny. We know it from the ancient Romans, but it is still in use today. We are going to experiment with our homemade terra sigillata sludge.

This course consists of 4 lessons of 2 hours, on Monday morning or -evening

Level:No special knowledge or experience is required.(very suited for throwers)

Monday 9:30-11:30 ór
Monday 19:30-21:30
30 May 13,20,27 June

Costs:The workshop costs € 165,- per person with a minimum of six and a maximum of 8 participants. The price includes materials and firing.

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Throwing Porcelain

victoria goodwinAnyone who starts throwing will soon be curious about that beautifully white, but tricky porcelain. Victoria Goodwin knows all about it. She uses porcelain in her own work and has extensive experience as a teacher. She will introduce you to the pros and cons of this material in this course. We'll throw off the 'mast' and from the plate and the results are trimmed. Victoria applies sludge decorations with the ringeloor at her own work and will explain all about it.

The course consists of 5 lessons of 2 hours on Monday evening, or Tuesday morning

Level: advanced (two series of beginners classes finished)

Monday 19:30-22:00
30 May, 13,20,27 June, 4 July
Tuesday 9:30-12:00
17,24,31 May 7,14 June

Costs: The workshop costs € 195,- per person with a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 participants. This includes material, glaze and firing

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