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spring workshops

In the months of May and June we organize a number of extra activities, for those who want to continue with pottery, or who want to get acquainted with ceramics for the first time. There are workshops for absolute beginners and short courses for experienced turners and hand builders.

  • tableware - getting acquainted with hand building

    A series of four lessons in which we make and decorate tableware with slabs, pinchpots and coils of clay. A fun opportunity to get acquainted with ceramic handbuilding.
    * no experience required

  • coiled pot - getting acquainted with hand building

    In five lessons a large pot is built from coils. The pot is decorated with Terra Sigillata that we make ourselves. A nice opportunity to get acquainted with ceramic hand building.
    * no experience required

  • raku

    Three days to make work, thrown or hand built and then one day to pack, fire and unpack the raku kiln. Spectacular and educational!
    * for beginners and advanced, no experience required

  • red clay - throwing and 'carving'

    Series of five lessons in which you can practice your throwing technique, but also get started with decoration. Sludge is applied to red clay and then scratched, or 'carved', so the red clay emerges again
    * participants have completed at least one throwing course

trial-workshop 'pottery for beginners'

If you'd like to try some pottery on the wheel, or if you don't have the time to follow a weekly course, this may be what you're looking for! A one-time pottery workshop that has everything in it from 'wedging' and 'centering' to the actual throwing on the wheel.

--New workshop data 2023 are now available on our 'classes' page--

pottery classes, regular

Regular, weekly courses for all levels start in January and September. Information about course content, times and costs can be found on the course page.

Registration for September 2023 is not opened yet. If you fill in the registration form you will get a message when the September program is online and registration starts.

If you want to participate in an advanced course, it's better to send an email to info@phoeboer.nl.

Compact beginners course May/June

In the months of May and June, shortly before the summer holidays, we give a compact course for beginners of 8 x 2.5 hours. This compact course includes the same teaching material as the regular course, but in 8 lessons of 2.5 hours instead of the usual 14 x 1.5 hours. This way we are ready for the summer holidays and you can start the regular semi-advanced course in September.

Information about course content, times and costs can be found on the course page. That's where the program is now for May/June 'Compact' and the corresponding registration form

bedrijfsverzamelgebouw De Hobbitexpansion

We will be expanding considerably from September 2021. We will be teaching at a second location in 'De Hobbit' building. The new location is about 200 meters away from our studio on the Suezkade. We're planning to do most of our new beginners courses over there. Of course we're also integrating new members in our team.